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ALI ALSHAIBANY ZAKAT AND TAX SERVICE was established and has the license number 12239, issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to provide Zakat and Tax Consulting in the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia. Our policy is to recruit the best qualified employees. Therefore, our employees have solid experiences that range from 25 years in Zakat and Tax Consulting fields.


ALI ALSHAIBANY ZAKAT AND TAX SERVICE Certified Public Accountants was established under the Professional license Number (465), issued by the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA) to provide accounting and auditing services, as well as financial, administrative, and technical consulting in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in accordance with the Code of Conduct and professional Ethics.

Ali Khalid M. Al Shaibany


Looking at the success through the years since we outset last January 2013, I am tremendously proud of what we have achieved, and certainly thrilled about our viewpoint for a promising future and to be one of the large accounting and auditing firm inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or even more in the GCC. We have victoriously transitioned from a small accounting and auditing firm to become one of medium and trusted firm, garnering clients/business partners from across the Kingdom, while earning their trust along the way. We are perfectly understand the cognizant of an auditing international standard and to positioned our team, to develop further their knowledge, and skills Ali Khalid Al Shaibany Group of companies (AKS) partnered with Allinial Global a well-known accounting firm association based in the USA. As much our clients/business partners, partners or employees, their satisfaction is the hallmark by which we quantify our performance, and we hold ourselves to the highest work standards with quality. Nevertheless, clients/business partners, partners, and employees continue to choose Ali Khalid Al Shaibany Group of companies (AKS) as their partners as result of our experience, commitment, and integrity.

When imparting our successes, I always return back guiding criterions, each of which helped defining us of who we are as of today:
Top-notch partners: Among our primary assets are the extensive knowledge and skills base, deep-rooted proficiency, unwavering commitment and solid experiences of our competent, diverse personnel’s. The Ali Khalid Al Shaibany Group (AKS) personnel’s are at the core of who we are, and what we do. From our Engagement Executives to our Audit, Zakat & Tax, and Value Added Tax (VAT) Teams to our Senior Consultant and Management, to the whole AKS team is committed delivering the highest quality works and providing unmatched services to our clients/business partners.
Client Focus: Focal point on all the significant success parameters, we want to attain a fundamental goal that is “CLIENT’S/BUSINESS PARTNETRS SATISFACTION”. This will help strengthen our relationship with our clients/business partners which for us are one great accomplishment. This gives one a vast pleasure to have a kind of ties with clients/business partners where they can trust company with their financial works and consider it for future goals as well.
I appreciate for your time and visiting our website and we looking forward working and business collaborating with you nearly.